U&M Group

Piled Raft – Surrey

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 AT 11:09AM

  • Type of work: Piled Raft
  • Location: Surrey
  • Author: Michael Marcham

When I Was first Introduced to Keith the Piling supervisor I was told “it does not matter how big or small the job is it HAS to ben done Properly”. I was impressed from this first statement to the last sweep of a broom on site. Barry and Len were fantastic, on site way before start time every day and always really seemed to want to do the very best they could. Then Alex and Joel took over from them for the steel fixing and base work I was equally impressed with the hard work put into these back breaking and monotonous tasks always done with a smile and friendly nature.

I probably will not have the need for work like this again but I am certain that if the situation ever arose I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Underpin and make Good in the future or indeed recommending them.