U&M Group

Structural Repairs

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 AT 04:56AM

  • Location: Middx


Potter Street, Northwood, Middx

This property was built in the 1930’s and had suffered significant subsidence due to a drainage failure coupled with large trees in close proximity, within the rear garden. The client also took the opportunity of constructing a rear extension to enlarge the rear reception room, dining area and kitchen, carried out simultaneously to the structural repairs. The entire ground floor to the subject property was then decorated.


The rear of the property was underpinned using a piled raft underpinning scheme, which was designed to accommodate the load from the walls for the new addition as well as provide adequate support to the subsisnec affected part of the structure. The drains to the rear of the property were relined and the gully branches and gullies were renewed.

Substantial internal cracks were then repaired using either the brick stitching technique, or resin bonded, followed by replastering. Externally, repaired fractures were colour matched and repointed to ensure aesthetic compliance and windows and doors were eased and adjusted to ensure correct operation.

Following the construction of the addition, a new kitchen and utility room were fitted which involved a partial rewire and replumb. Wall and floor ceramic tiling were laid to the kitchen and utility room and subsequently the ground floor of the entire property was redecorated.