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Piling ground beams for low strength soil

Piling & Ground Beams

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 AT 01:17PM

  • Type of work: Piling & Ground Beams
  • Location: Whitstable, Kent
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Ground conditions: Clay
  • Value: £59,000.00

Sea Farm, Yorkletts, Whitstable, Kent

Piling & ground beams for 2 no new build detached houses.

The piling and ground beams works were required due to low strength soil present, together with a high water table.

34 no 300mm dia tremie grouted open bored piles were installed to average depths of 10m using a limited access piling rig which only required a minimal piling mat.

Our piling contractors managed to undertake and install 1 plot per week.

Sea Farm 1

A series of 450mm square R.C. ground beams were then formed to link the piles, taking a further 2 weeks per plot.

All ground beams were formed using Pecafil shuttering.

Sea Farm 3 Sea Farm 2