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Open Site Basement

Open Site Basement

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 AT 04:59AM

  • Location: Bexley

Reinforced Concrete Piling, Bexley

On this project our client, a local developer, wanted to form a basement for two new semi-detached residential properties he was intending to build on an infill site between two existOpen Site Basement ing houses. The Party Wall Surveyors representing the owners of the adjacent properties on either side were concerned that the construction of the new basement structure would undermine the foundations of the existing houses which were only 2.0m away.

What Was U&M’s Solution?

Our solution to the problem was to design and construct a continuous reinforced concrete piled retaining wall with capping beam. On this project we also carried out the mass dig excavation groundworks (approximately 250 cubic metres) and construction of the reinforced concrete basement slab.