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CFA Piling

Monday, March 4th, 2013 AT 04:12PM

  • Location: Canterbury
  • Duration: 1 Week
  • Ground conditions: Chalk

Restricted Access Mini Piling-  Canterbury  Restricted Access Mini Piling

We were contacted by a developer in Canterbury who was planning to construct a small 2 bedroom detached property on a small infill site between two rows of terraced houses on the outskirts of the City center, adjacent to the river Stour.

The site was very narrow and restricted in terms of storage space.
Given the close proximity of the neighbouring properties and the poor ground conditions consisting of 3m of made ground overlying wet gravel then chalk, we installed 8 no 250mm dia cfa grout injected bored piles to a maximum depth of 13.5m using our restricted access Super Kitten piling rig.

This system of piling was vibration free and was acceptable to the neighbours and their party wall surveyors. Once the piles were completed, the developer constructed the linking ground beams and continued without only a minor delay to his programme.