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Case Studies

Retaining wall rescue

  • Type of work: Ground anchors and masonry reinforcement combine to restrain overturning Listed wall
  • Location: North West London
The presence of a tree behind this retaining wall in North West London had created significant problems when root growth created lateral pressures resulting in bowing of the brickwork, and overturning of the wall. Built in soft bricks with lime mortars, the wall is within a Conservation area, and consequently listed. Because of this, wholesale demolition and reconstruction of the wall was not an option, and an alternative approach was therefore required. Additionally, the rigid requirements of the appropriate authorities needed to be taken into account in providing an adequate but sympathetic repair solution. Where the existing brickwork had fractured...
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Extension to Rear of Cold Store to Form a New Loading Bay – Sussex

  • Type of work: Extension to Rear of Cold Store to Form a New Loading Bay
  • Location: Effingham, Sussex
  • Duration: 3 weeks
Extension to Rear of Cold Store - scroll down to read more!  Works required due to poor ground conditions and site situated next to a deep stream cutting. We installed 12no. 220mm dia. bottom driven steel cased piles to a depth of 10m using our Cobra Thumper Drop Hammer Rig. The piles were then linked by a series of 450mm square RC ground beams cast above ground level. Works were completed to time and on budget.             
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Underpinning & Structural Repairs – 2 Storey Block of Flats in Perivale, West London.

  • Type of work: Underpinning & Structural Repairs
  • Location: Perivale, West London
  • Client: London Borough of Ealing
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Value: £40k
Underpinning & Structural Repairs - Scroll down to read more!    The property suffered structural damage with critical cracking to external walls.  The front and flank elevations masonry walls were showing signs of subsidence and structural movement. The job went very well, with additional underpinning works.   The repairs have been done to a good standard –thanks. Richard Morley  - Building Surveyor, Ealing Council
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Escape of Water – Battle

  • Type of work: Escape of Water - Long standing leak on water pipe.
  • Location: Battle, Kent
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Value: £35,000.00
  The property was completely stripped out back to the beam and block floor structure and blockwork walls. The internal partition walls were removed and reconstructed. All electrical and plumbing services were renewed together with kitchen and bathroom. The property was fully replastered and redecorated with new floor coverings and heating system.
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Impact Damage Repairs – North London

  • Type of work: Impact Damage Repairs
  • Location: Edmonton, North London
  • Value: £15,000.00
Following impact by a car, we were called to the property to erect a temporary security screen, provide support to the  structure. The bay brickwork was reconstructed and new windows fitted. Internal crack repairs, plastering and redecorations were carried our to the lounge and hallway/staircase. External render repairs, and redecorations were completed. Finally the boundary walls were reconstructed and the  block paving drive relayed, where damaged and to accommodate replacement of the gas meter.  
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Piled Raft Foundations

  • Type of work: Piled Raft Foundations
  • Location: Herne Bay, Kent
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  A developer in North Kent required 3 no piled raft foundations to be formed, to act as foundation / structural floor slab for his 3 storey timber frame structures. Our engineers designed 57 no 300mm dia open bored piles to an average depth of 10m with the upper 3m designed for heave using full tension reinforcement rather than a combination of reinforcement and slip sleeves. The piles were linked by a 250mm thick rc raft cast over 220mm Cellcore. The perimeter of the raft required a recess to be formed in the top edge to ensure that the external...
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Impact Damage repairs – Grade 1 listed barn in Buckinghamshire

  • Type of work: Impact Damage repairs
  • Location: Buckinghamshire
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Value: £40,000.00
  Following a collision by a vehicle into the flank wall of the listed barn, we were engaged to undertake the necessary repairs to both the structure and fabric of this very attractive building.        Initially the temporary support works required enhancing and the damaged section removed, whilst retaining both security and weather proofing. The damaged masonry dwarf wall was repaired and the upper walls reconstructed using reclaimed ‘green oak’ timber, which had to be workshop fabricated to match the existing section.  Internally, the walls were finished in a lime plaster and the entire barn redecorated using a lime...
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Staircase Reconstruction

  • Type of work: Staircase Reconstruction
  • Location: Edgware
  • Duration: 4 weeks
Staircase Reconstructions - Edgware   The staircase was cracked and brickwork unstable. We  demolished the staircase and salvaged the concrete treads. The staircase was then reconstructed on new foundation in new brickwork.  
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Garage Demolition and Reconstruction

  • Location: Romford
  • Duration: 9 Weeks
  • Value: £29k
Garage demolition and reconstruction on a piled raft foundation. The garage had suffered Subsidence and required demolition, formation of a new piled raft and rebuild. The project was completed on time and on budget.
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Rear Balcony/Staircase Reconstruction

  • Type of work: Reconstruction
  • Location: Hampstead
  These works were undertaken due to subsidence of a staircase at the rear of the property. The staircase was demolished and reconstructed to a revised design.    Works commenced and completed on time and within budget
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Piling & Ground Beams

  • Type of work: Piling & Ground Beams
  • Location: Whitstable, Kent
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Ground conditions: Clay
  • Value: £59,000.00
Sea Farm, Yorkletts, Whitstable, Kent Piling & ground beams for 2 no new build detached houses. The piling and ground beams works were required due to low strength soil present, together with a high water table. 34 no 300mm dia tremie grouted open bored piles were installed to average depths of 10m using a limited access piling rig which only required a minimal piling mat. Our piling contractors managed to undertake and install 1 plot per week. A series of 450mm square R.C. ground beams were then formed to link the piles, taking a further 2 weeks per plot. All...
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Piled Retaining Wall

  • Type of work: Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall
  • Location: Kingston
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Ground conditions: Sand and Clay
Beech House, Coombe Hill, Kingston Contiguous Piled Retaining Wall: Contiguous piled retaining wall for new garden room and pool building. The structure was formed in the rear garden of the property, with particularly difficult and restricted access. 142 no 300mm dia contiguous bored piles x 7m installed around the perimeter of the basement. The piling works took 3 weeks to install. Concrete was pumped from the front of the property into the piles. A guide wall was installed to ensure that the piles were install in the correct location and did not encroach into the proposed basement.      
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Fit out of new build shell

  • Type of work: Renovation
  • Location: Muswell Hill
Nursery School in Muswell Hill As parts of our clients project to construct a new nursery school, we were instructed to fit out the new built shell.     Works included: Install plumbing/electrical services – insulation and screed floors Construct walls and ceilings Manufacture and install staircase Full fit out and redecoration     The prioject was completed on time,  opening for a new school term.
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Fire Damage Repairs

  • Type of work: Repairs
  • Location: Edmonton, Industrial Unit
Edmonton, Industrial Unit  Refurbishment & Repairs: Follwing a fire we were instructed to carry out internal and external refurbishment of the structure, including rebuilding and repairs to party walls. New windows, doors, security shutters ,electrical installation, plumbing and  heating  were fitted and full redecorations carried out . Roof renewal by others.      
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External repairs and restoration works

  • Type of work: Dyrham Park Country Club, Barnet
  • Location: Restoration
Dyrham Park Country Club, Barnet External repairs & restoration works: External repairs and restoration works, carried out as a part of the Country Clubs' Cyclical Repairs/Maintenance Program. Works Completed were: The wall of the building was fully scaffold with a walkway onto the flat roof from the rear door.  Masonry repairs carried out including Helifix crack stitching.  The defective windows and doors were repaired or replaced.  Full redecoration of external surfaces.  Flat roof repaired, pitch roof slating overhauled. Project commenced and was completed on time.  We have been advised that ur company will be invited to tender for the next phase of the...
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