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Piling FAQ

Learn more about piling and the various piling services that U&M Group can offer.


What exactly are piled foundations and when are they used?

Piled foundations have come about as a result of advanced research to overcome the problems associated with poor ground conditions. Traditionally piling had been used for large construction and engineering projects, and although it has been a method used in construction for many years, the method had not been widely used in domestic and smaller residential construction until the mid 1980′s.

Piling is usually used when:

  1. A site investigation has highlighted that the ground is unsuitable and un-useable to a depth of more than 2 metres.
  2. There is a high water table.
  3. Removal costs for the excavation of traditional deep trench foundations are too expensive.
  4. Where there are soils such as clay that are likely to swell or shrink excessively depending on the amount of water content.
  5. Foundation trenches are not stable and health and safety therefore becomes an issue.

Concrete piles are thin columns of reinforced concrete, spaced at regular intervals that are usually positioned at the intersections of walls, depending on the load that they are bearing. They are designed to transmit the weight of the load deeper into the subsoil, past where the weaker or sub-sufficient material is, to where a denser material can be found, to prevent collapse or uplift. Then once they are installed, they are generally linked by either reinforced concrete ground beams, pile-caps or raft slabs.

We undertake all forms of restricted access and open site piling, and have a wide range of piling systems and solutions on offer, to deal with all manner of ground conditions.

Types of Piling

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Other Piling Services

  • Pile testing
  • Reinforced concrete ground beams
  • Reinforced concrete rafts
  • Reinforced concrete retaining walls
  • Reinforced concrete basements
  • Mass concrete traditional underpinning
  • Piled underpinning

If you have a project that requires piling, or you would like help and advice on choosing the best solution for you, then get in touch with a member of our dedicated design team to discuss your requirements.